Advantages of CORE as a Cloud Application

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Quick Summary

Small companies can benefit from cloud-based applications

CORE Platform is a cloud-based ISO compliance software suite

CORE helps small companies manage their entire ISO 9001 quality management system

CORE can be accessed from any internet connection using your web browser

Core Business Solutions has dedicated itself to the hosted software model delivered over the internet since 2001. The reason for this is our target market has always been the small business pursuing ISO 9001 certification. When we launched the CORE ISO Compliance Platform (originally named DocBase Direct®), we recognized the importance of fitting our technology solution with the needs of smaller companies.

Small companies have limited servers, computers, networking equipment and other hardware.

Small companies cannot afford to replace their network servers, desktops and laptops in order to run the latest installed software.

The IT staff of small companies is stretched to the limit with more demands than ever on time and skills.

The large start-up cost of purchasing and maintaining installed software is beyond the budget limits of most small companies.

Small companies need a software application that “just works” without interruptions, glitches and downtime that are common with installed, network-based applications.

Small Companies Can Keep Pace With Bigger Competitors

More and more small companies in the USA, Canada and other parts of the world are using the CORE ISO Compliance Platform to not only manage their entire ISO 9001 quality management system, but to automate many other processes of their company, as well.

The hosted, cloud-based architecture of CORE provides tremendous advantages to small businesses which include:

No start-up costs for purchasing network hardware or software

Simple pay-as-you-go service agreement that scales with the growth of your company

Instant activation and setup of your system

Always use the latest, best features since there aren’t multiple versions of the software to maintain

Accessibility from anywhere with an internet connection

Advanced data security, equivalent to online banking and other leading applications that host sensitive data

Less training needed since CORE is designed with a familiar interface similar to other software applications employees use every day.

Here’s what our customers are saying about the most important benefits of using the CORE system:

-Results from a CORE user survey

These cloud-based benefits mean smaller companies can jump quickly ahead to manage their ISO 9001 certification as effectively as larger competitors who have bigger budgets.  By automating your ISO 9001 quality management system with the CORE ISO Compliance Platform you’ll find everything related to ISO easier, quicker and more effective:

Focus less time on administrative paperwork

See what’s going on in real time

Make changes to your processes whenever needed

Access your ISO data from anywhere

Stay ahead of your ISO audits

Demonstrate to your customers you have the infrastructure and technology to meet their growing needs

So, why do a growing number of small companies move their ISO QMS onto the “cloud” with the CORE ISO Compliance Platform?  Give us a call and we’ll be glad to show you how CORE can benefit your small business.

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