Affordable Certification Expedited to Meet Your Time-Table

Expert ISO assistance to achieve certification

We have many small businesses call us looking for ISO 9001 certification but needing it quickly because they have a firm deadline to submit a proposal that requires ISO 9001 certification, a U.S. government contract pending, or another urgent need.

Our normal certification process takes 16 weeks; however, we’ve put together an expedited program that gives you a dedicated consultant and compressed project schedule that gets you ready for certification faster so you can be ISO 9001 compliant as soon as possible.

We offer either on-line certification preparation with expert consulting assistance or on-site consulting assistance depending on your needs. Call us today at 866-354-0300 to talk to us about your specific needs.

Expedited 4x4 Program Summary

On-line Support

On-site Support

Expert Consulting Support

Online or Onsite Expedited Options Available

Personal Consultant Assigned

Consultant E-mail Support

Consultant Phone Support

Step-by-Step Weekly Project Plan (adjusted to your timeframe for certification)

Professional ISO Document Writing

ISO Document Review

Internal Audit Review

Virtual Internal Audit Support

Virtual Management Review Support

Certification Promotion Package

Registrar Recommendations

Registrar Coordination

Onsite Internal Audit

Onsite Training/Consulting

Onsite Support for Registrar Audit (For an Additional Fee)

Online Resources

CORE Platform (6-month site license)

Complete ISO 9001 Resource Library

Sample Set of ISO Documents

Online On-Demand Training Courses

Management Rep Certification Series

Executive Training Series

Process Owner Training Series

Internal Audit Certification Course

Employee Training Course

CORE Platform Training Series

Expedited 4x4 Consulting Program Details

This expedited program is designed to assist you in completing your ISO 9001 certification within your tight time frame. The first thing we ask is “what’s the date you need your certificate in hand?” and we work backwards from there to put your custom certification schedule together. We follow our four basic steps: plan, implement, review, and certify.

This program is for you if …

You have a fixed proposal deadline or customer requirement

You need be sure your certification stays on schedule and meets your deadline

The Expedited 4x4 Program will help you become ISO 9001:2015 certified on schedule and reduce the time you’d spend trying to figure out the process on your own.

The consulting assistance included in the program means that you will have professional consulting help in preparing for your ISO 9001 certification. This additional help will ensure that your ISO documentation meets all of the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 FAST. Your internal audit will be reviewed or conducted by our consulting team to ensure all ISO requirements have been successfully met.

Dedicated Personal Coaching

You’ll have one of our experienced ISO 9001 consultants assigned as your personal coach to work one-on-one with you each step of the way. Your coach will write a customized set of documentation based on your company’s unique operation saving you significant time and expense over the course of the project. Using web-based technology, your coach will assist you “virtually” with your management review meetings and internal audit or work onsite. This added support helps to ensure the entire project stays on schedule and makes sure everything is ready for the Registrar Certification Audit. If you choose the onsite option, your consultant will guide you through the process at your company.

Document Development

Our consultants will review the initial drafts of the required documentation for your ISO 9001 system to save you time and ensure all audit requirements are met. This will include your quality manual, management review minutes, procedures, internal audit requirements and required forms. The Expedited 4x4 Program moves the responsibility for drafting your documents to your ISO consultant to save you even more time.

Internal Audit

Another major step in achieving your ISO 9001 certification is the completion of the Internal Audit – a complete internal review of your processes, documents and records. Commonly, the ISO 9001 Internal Audit requires your organization to train a team of employees to serve as your Internal Auditors who then work to complete the audit.

We provide consultant assistance with the internal audit and complete a detailed review of your completed Internal Audit Report to ensure your Internal Audit will be accepted by the Registrar for certification.

On-Demand Training

To help you quickly learn the ISO 9001 requirements and to help you be well prepared for the Registrar’s audit, all 4×4 Program levels include a series of on-demand ISO 9001 training courses that can be viewed from your office or conference room. You can also include others within your organization to help your entire team learn ISO together.

CORE ISO Compliance Platform®

Core SolutionsIncluded with the 4×4 Program is a 6-month subscription to our web-based CORE ISO Compliance Platform that will help you establish formal document control and records control procedures that meet ISO 9001 requirements. CORE provides full ISO-compliance for areas such as:

Document approvals

Revision Control

Version history


Record Retention

For more information about the CORE ISO Compliance Platform, click here.

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