Our Cloud-Based Technology

What You Need to Know

Quick Summary

CORE Platform uses highly secure web technologies to protect our customers’ data

ISO Compliance Software hosted in secure data centers

Data is redundantly backed up on a continual basis

Monitored by our full-time IT security staff

For many small businesses, outsourcing an IT application is a relatively new experience. Sorting through fact and fiction regarding how a hosted system works builds confidence in the decision to use cloud-based software application like the CORE ISO Compliance Platform.

The CORE Platform has been online as a hosted solution since 2001 (originally named “DocBase Direct”). This experience is the foundation for how we provide a system that is:

Reliable – The system is always available with minimal unscheduled disruptions

Compliant – Meets all requirements for ISO 9001 and related standards

Secure – Is built on security best-practices for hosted solutions

We achieve this level of security and reliability by leveraging IT technologies are utilized in industries such as finance, healthcare and other data-sensitive sectors.

Here are some of the highlights of the technology we use today in the Core ISO Compliance Platform:

Server And Network Security

All login sessions use industry standard SSL encryption

Hardened operating systems and firewalls

Regular security audits

Dedicated IT security staff with secure ID physical access to servers and data

Servers hosted in secure co-located data centers

Data redundancy and ongoing multiple data backups via encrypted connections

Redundant UPS power and standby generators

CORE Platform Application Security

Password aging and selection rules on length and complexity

Group privacy settings

Multiple authority levels for users

Session timeouts that enforce logout

If you have any questions about our cloud technology, please call our customer support office at 866-354-0300 x1002.

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