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Document Control. Corrective Action. Internal Audits. … and your entire QMS.

Quick Summary

Online software for managing ISO compliance

Intuitive interface your employees will quickly learn

Flexible to be customized for your unique business

Web-based, hosted securely in our technology center


CORE ISO Compliance Platform is unique online software designed to help small businesses manage the documents, records and processes needed to maintain ISO 9001:2015 certification. ISO requirements can be overwhelming at times. We understand. That’s why CORE ISO Compliance Platform was developed as an easy-to-use application to keep your certification on track and your business running smoothly.

The most important benefits of the CORE ISO Compliance Platform are:

Key Features and Benefits
The Value to You
Fully ISO 9001 Compliant
Keeps you on top of ISO requirements
Included with all of our consulting Programs
Greatly simplifies ISO preparations
Intuitive to Use
Less training needed
Built to be flexible
Fits your company’s way of doing things
Hosted on our servers, accessed through your browser
Nothing to install or maintain
Automatic reminders and email notifications
Helps everyone on your team know when an action is needed
Customizable Autoforms and Apps included
Easy set-up for tracking data and information
Access is controlled based on roles and responsibilities
Users can access only what they need and only what they should
Complete report-writer included
Easy access to real time information
Online since 2001, proven technology
Very stable and secure

Fully ISO 9001 Compliant

The CORE Platform meets all ISO 9001 requirements to:

Simplify document control

Automate corrective action, internal audits and other ISO processes

Increase management visibility and take action

Maintain control while you grow your business

Stay ahead of your next ISO audit

Manage ISO Compliance with the Resources You Have

For a small business, managing ISO 9001 certification is a special challenge given the daily demands on everyone’s schedule. ISO 9001 standards for document control and other exacting procedures require ongoing management attention and detailed records. It is easy for ISO details to fall behind leading to a rush to put everything in place before the annual ISO audit.

The CORE ISO Compliance Platform from Core Business Solutions is an online software solution for managing requirements for ISO 9001 and related standards. The CORE Platform gives a small business an affordable option for simplifying the daily management of a complete ISO 9001 quality management system. CORE is a cloud-based system you access from your web browser. Using industry-leading web technology, your ISO documents and records are safely backed up and accessible from any internet connection.

Greater CONFIDENCE that your business is operating to your standards. confidence-w-type

Owners and managers of smaller companies face the challenge of growing their business while maintaining control. Your core group of employees have gained valuable experience with your products, services and customers. But as you grow, transferring your processes and knowledge to future employees will be key to maintaining the high quality that your customers depend upon.

Our CORE ISO Compliance Platform helps you establish standard processes based on how you want your business to run. CORE manages documents, forms and online processes to support your ways of doing things. This will help everyone stay on the same page as you grow and give you visibility over all of your key processes.

In other words, CORE will give you peace of mind.

More CREDIBILITY with your customers by continually improving results. CREDIBILITY

Your customers rely upon you as they run their business. Their trust in the products and services you provide, as well as their confidence in your ability to support them through ups and downs, form the foundation of your company’s future growth. Well established systems and processes in your business send your customers the message that you should be part of their future growth.

The CORE ISO Compliance Platform gives you a practical system to improve your business to continually meet your customers’ expectations. Standard practices, improvements, special customer needs, and corrections can be incorporated at any time to drive improvement in your results.

In other words, CORE will give your customers peace of mind.

Ensure COMPLIANCE of your ISO QMS to be ready for your next audit. compliance-w-type

Of course, the need to meet ISO requirements to maintain your ISO 9001 certification is also vital to ensuring compliance with international standards. As busy as everyone is in your business, keeping ISO procedures top-of-mind throughout the year can be a struggle. No one wants to go into an annual audit unprepared and risk their certification.

The CORE ISO Compliance Platform is, at its heart, a practical and effective way to stay on top of ISO requirements in the midst of a hectic schedule. The CORE Platform provides reminders, reports, instructions and custom workflows to fit your business and the way you’ve set up your ISO quality management system. You’ll see below the important features of the CORE Platform essential to making your ISO certification last for years to come.

In other words, CORE will keep you prepared for upcoming audits.

What Do You Need to Know about CORE’s Cloud-Based Technology?


Advanced cloud-based data security

Software and data stored securely in our data centers

Accessible from any internet connection using a web browser

SSL encryption

No purchase of software or hardware required

Affordable pricing for small businesses

Online since 2001

Fully meets ISO 9001:2015 requirements

Would you like to see the CORE ISO Compliance Platform?

System Requirements

Because CORE is a hosted solution, there are only a few system requirements for end-user computers.

The web Browser Mozilla Firefox is fully compatible with CORE ISO Compliant Platform®. If other Browsers are used, be aware that some features in CORE may not be compatible.

Recommended Processor: 2.0GHz+

Recommended Memory (RAM): 2GB+

Recommended High Speed Internet Connection: DSL, Cable Modem, T1


We invite you to contact our customer support office at 866-354-0300 or info@thecoresolution.com for more information.

We’d be glad to give you a personal tour to show you the flexibility of CORE or help you get started today with your company’s own CORE solution.

CORE ISO Compliance Platform
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