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ISO is more than “checking a box”

Get value by changing your customers’ perception of your company through customer satisfaction


  1. Make it matter
  2. Make it work.
  3. Make it last.

ISO is working if your customers notice your real improvement

Our experience with our customers makes a difference

At the heart of ISO 9001 are your customers and what they think of your company’s performance. In ISO terms, customer satisfaction is defined as: a customer’s perception of the degree to which the customer’s needs and expectations have been fulfilled.

An ISO 9001 certification is much more than a paper certificate or the ability to “check a box” on a customer requirement. Its value is found in the improvements seen by your customers in how well you meet their needs, both spoken and unspoken needs. Changing their perception of your performance should be at the core of your ISO efforts.

In our experience, the companies that achieve measurable improvements in customer satisfaction focus on three CORE ISO Values:

  1. Make it matter.
  2. Make it work.
  3. Make it last.

These priorities describe how to use ISO 9001 certification to make a significant difference with your customers which can open new opportunities for growth and success for your company. Our Small Business Consulting Programs are built on this value-based approach with the dual focus of achieving certification and establishing an effective quality management system with results that your customers notice.

This approach is born out of experience helping hundreds of small companies achieve certification over the past 13 years. With each company we tailor our approach based on their unique business and the needs of their customers. The best advertising for our ISO 9001 Small Business Consulting programs is our customers, the improvements they’ve made and how that has improved the satisfaction of their customers. Our best “business cards” are our customers. Check out what they have said about our past work. You’ll be impressed, at least we hope so.

ISO Certification Help for Small Businesses

As you look further into the options for certification, below are some key areas on our website you should find helpful. We’d welcome an email or phone call from you with questions you may have or to discuss how you can get started. We’re ready to help.

Assistance based on where you are starting:

Urgent need for certification

Not urgent, but would like to get started soon

Currently certified but getting little business value from the effort

Just starting to look into ISO 9001 and need to learn the basics

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