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Integrated Management Systems

What is an integrated management system?

A single system that combines all related requirements together into one system for easier management and operations.  An integrated management system can save time and improve overall effectiveness when multiple certifications are required.

Some small companies have a need for multiple certifications to meet customer contractual requirements or to meet the needs of different industry sectors. By coordinating these certifications together, there can be a number of important benefits to the organization:

Less duplication of effort and costs

Reducing conflicting objectives

Eliminating overlapping responsibilities

Alignment of goals

Improved communication

Leveraging best practices across the organization

While not required for certification, an integrated management system can pay dividends when multiple certifications are required.

Some of the more common combinations of ISO and related standards are as follows:

Quality + Environmental
Quality + Environmental + Health & Safety
Quality + Aerospace Manufacturing
Quality + Aerospace Distribution
Quality + Medical Devices
Quality + Information Security

Because of several shared requirements of these various standards, many elements can be merged together such as:

Management Review

Internal Auditing

Objectives and Planning

Corrective and Preventive Action

Document and Records Control



Integrated management systems can be implemented by organizations in any sector and of any size. Organizations consider this step to lower costs and simplify their maturing management systems.

Consulting Support for Integrated Management Systems

Core Business Solutions has qualified consultants with qualifications for multiple standards and experience with efficiently combining them into an Integrated Management System.  Support for Integrated Management Systems is available through our Full-Service Consulting Program.

For more information about our consulting support for the Integrated Management System, please call our consulting office at 866-354-0300, or email info@thecoresolution.com.

Related standards

See AS9100 for aerospace manufacturers

See AS9120 for aerospace distributors

See ISO 14001 for environmental management systems

See ISO 45001 for health and safety management systems

See R2:2013 for recycling management systems

See ISO 13485 for medical devices manufacturers

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