ISO 27001 Training Courses

ISO 27001 Fundamentals Series

Product: LP27001

Description: ISO 27001 Information Security Management System training gives you an understanding of all the specific requirements in the standard, how to create a ISMS and goes through the families and operational and technical controls needed for a successful ISMS implementation. The training series includes Internal Auditor training and certificate upon completion.

Length: 9 hours of online training

Contents:  25 Courses

Cost: $999 per seat or $1,999 up to 5 seats

In the ISO 27001 Fundamental Series You will learn:

Getting Started on your Certification
ISO 27001 Foundations – Info Sec (Information Security) Defined
ISO 27001 Foundations – IS Requirements for your Business
ISO 27001 Foundations – Creating a Security Culture
ISO 27001 Foundations – Information Security Risk Management
ISO 27001 – The Standard Itself
ISO 27001 – The Standard and Annex A
ISO 27001 – How this Standard Relates
ISO 27001 – The Standard and Its Clauses
Your Project – A Roadmap
Your Project – Roles and Responsibilities
Information Classification Overview
Information Classification Examples
Assessing and Managing Security Risk


Security Controls Review
Security Operations
Supplier and Vendor Management
Document and Record Control
Measurement Planning
Corrective Action
Leadership Responsibilities
Resource Planning
Complete Internal Auditor Training and Certificate
Preparing for your Registrar’s Audit
Maintaining your ISMS

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