What are the ISO Certification Requirements?

The Path to ISO 9001:2015 Certification

Core Business Solutions offers a simplified process to assist you in achieving certification. Certification can be achieved in 4 months or less at an affordable cost.

Steps to ISO 9001 Certification Graphic Core Business Solutions

LEARN THE REQUIREMENTS Your company will learn the ISO basics and how they apply to your Quality Management System (QMS). Your ISO Project Leader (Management Representative) will receive training on the details along with key people within your organization. Your dedicated consultant and the CORE Learning Center provides online video courses for this important training.

PREPARE THE REQUIRED DOCUMENTATION With the ISO 9001:2015 release of the standard, there are no longer “6 required procedures.” Instead, you have the flexibility of including the documentation that is needed for your small business. An ISO 9001:2015 Quality Manual is a place to document the “auditable” processes and procedures in your company.

BEGIN MANAGEMENT REVIEWS Top Management is required to be part of the ISO process. The centerpiece of ISO is the monthly management review meeting where you will set goals, review results, and drive needed actions for improvement. We help you create a Management Review Agenda and Minute outlines to ensure all the necessary topics are addressed and results are documented.

IMPLEMENT THE ISO PROCESS New ISO processes and changes to your current company process may be necessary for you to be compliant to the ISO 9001:2015 Standard. All Managers and employees will need to help implement them. The CORE ISO Compliance Platform is a tool available to you to “go live” with document control and other ISO requirements.

CONDUCT AN INTERNAL AUDIT Based on your completed quality manual and other documentation, the internal audit will help you see any last minute process corrections that are needed. Depending on your consulting program, our expert consultant will conduct the internal audit or you will receive training to perform the audit for your company if you choose. The internal audit gets you ready for the certification audit.

COMPLETE THE CERTIFICATION AUDIT The final step will be the certification audit from your selected Registrar. Two site visits will be required and any gaps found must be corrected. Once corrections are approved, your certificate will be issued. Our consultant assists you until your certificate is received. We can recommend Registrars that are best suited to your small business. Lastly, we also provide an ISO certification promotional package including a custom video, press release, framed certificate and more to assist you in promoting your certification.

Program Overview

If you are looking for professional consulting assistance for your ISO 9001 certification but cannot afford the cost of hiring an onsite consultant, the 4×4 Online Consulting Program® from Core Business Solutions is a highly effective, affordable support alternative.  The 4×4 program is a step-by-step enrollment program that gives you the personal  guidance, documentation and on-demand training you’ll need with remote support from an experienced ISO consultant.

The 4×4 program will help you get your ISO 9001 certification done in 4-months or less.  Through the use of web-technology, telephone and email you’ll feel confident knowing we’re with you from start to finish until you’re successfully ISO 9001:2015 certified.

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