The CORE Solution for Services

Service providers come from nearly every industry including technology, government contracting, translation, maintenance, security, engineering, consulting and others.  A common challenge for most services is the “product” sold must be tailored to the needs of particular customers.  “Cookie cutter” approaches don’t engage the customer’s sense of being unique.  Being client-centric also means being flexible to make adjustments to your service offerings while staying efficient and profitable.

This need for adaptability can sometimes run counter to traditional ways of implementing and managing a quality standard such as ISO 9001.  Establishing standard processes is essential to maintaining the high quality of service you’ve build your reputation on.  The need to adapt and change between projects and sometimes during a project is vital for customer satisfaction.  The software backbone of your ISO 9001 quality management system must therefore provide the ability to develop standards unique to your business that can adjust based on the needs of your customers.

CORE Advantages for Services

Template-based processes that can adapt to your business and client needs

Full compliance with ISO 9001 requirements

Cloud-based technology accessible from anywhere your employees are working

The CORE ISO Compliance Platform was designed from the bottom-up with adaptive technology that can fit your unique business.  At its heart, the CORE Platform is built-to-change using templates that can establish a standard process and be modified when needed.  This balance is maintained to help you manage ISO 9001 requirements most important to service-based companies:

Document  Control

Contract and Proposal Management

Project Tracking

Incident Management

Recruiting and Hiring

Employee Training

Time Tracking

Corrective and Preventive Action

Internal Auditing

Customer Satisfaction and Complaints

… and many others

Regardless of industry, type of service or size of your organization, the CORE ISO Compliance Platform can fit your way of doing business while keeping you on top of daily ISO 9001 requirements.  Even if your business has a mix of employees and contractors, many of whom may work remotely, the CORE Platform can serve as your virtual “ISO hub” to be sure your procedures are being adhered to by all members of your team. We would be glad to provide you with a free quote for your service company. If you are interested in learning more about how the CORE ISO Compliance Platform service solutions would work for you, here are some suggested next steps:

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