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Staying Certified:

How Core Business Solutions Helps You Maintain Certification
and Add Value to Your Business

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Our customers often ask us what happens after certification, and we’re happy to offer several options to help keep your ISO 9001, AS9100 Quality Management Systems, or other management systems compliant. What’s even better is that Core Business Solutions makes maintaining your certification easy through your choice of support level.

Watch this short, 2-minute video to learn more about how we support companies post-audit.

Level 1: Basic Support

Manage your QMS with the CORE ISO Compliance Platform, which provides complete document and record control, forms, and the basics of what you need to maintain certification. Included is email support for your system’s administrator; it ensures you remain connected to Core and allows us to help you trouble shoot unexpected problems and provide guidance for general maintenance.

Level 2: Premier Support


With our Premier Support, you’ll enjoy the same level of CORE Software support you experienced throughout the consulting process. Access to the CORE Learning Center, CORE administration assistance, and e-mail and phone support for all users ensures you’ll be well prepared to keep your system maintained.


Level 3: Premier Support Plus Internal Audit

In addition to all the benefits of Premier Support, this support level also includes your Annual Internal Audit (a favorite of many customers who want to outsource the responsibility of the Internal Audit).


Level 4: Premier Support Plus Consulting

In addition to all the benefits of the Premier Plus option, our highest level of support includes consulting help year-round, which is ideal for companies that are looking for hands-on assistance with managing and maintaining their QMS.

Other Consulting Services


If you simply don’t have time to manage your QMS or other management system, we’re here to help! We offer Internal Audit Services, Gap Analysis Services, and Management Representative Services. Contact us today to learn more.

Watch a short video on the CORE ISO Compliance Software

Core Business Solutions houses all resources necessary for you to maintain and improve your QMS. The platform provides the ISO/AS QMS system, the CORE Learning Center, the CORE Resource Library, and an abundance of other tools to help improve your business.

  • Preconfigured system is based on the ISO/AS Quality Management System or other specific Management Systems.
  • Document control features to include revision control, review and approvals, document archival, periodic review, and shared authorship.
  • System administration includes features for groups, users, document classes, and notifications.
  • Gives access to pre-designed AutoForms and accompanying Report Writer.
  • Provides reports and tools to manage users and documents.
  • Allows access to CORE Administration training.
  • Includes membership to our online CORE Community for continuous learning.

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