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How Core Business Solutions Helps You Maintain Certification and Add Value to Your Business

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Many customers ask us, what happens after certification? You have several options to choose from to keep your ISO 9001 or AS9100 Quality Management System compliant. What’s even better is that Core Business Solutions makes maintaining your certification easy. You can choose from the following 4 support levels:

You can manage your QMS with the CORE ISO Compliance Platform® which provides complete document control, forms and the basics of what you need to maintain certification. This includes e-mail support for the Administrator.

You can continue managing your QMS with the CORE ISO Compliance Platform® support level we provide during our consulting projects. This includes access to the CORE Learning Center, CORE administration assistance, and e-mail and phone support for all users.

In addition to all the benefits of Premier Support, this support level also includes your Annual Internal Audit (this is a favorite of many customers who want to outsource the responsibility of the Internal Audit).

In addition to all the benefits of Premier Support Plus, this support level includes Consulting Support year round. This is for companies that are looking for assistance with managing and maintaining their QMS.

Compare Support Options

Support DescriptionLevel 1:
Basic Support
Level 2:
Premier Support
Level 3:
Premier Support Plus
Level 4:
Premier Support Plus Consulting
CORE ISO Compliance Platform and Support
Unlimited software e-mail support for Primary Administrator48 hr response4 hr response4 hr response4 hr response
Unlimited software e-mail/phone support for All Users24 hr response24 hr response24 hr response
Standard Documents, AutoForms, and Report Writer
CORE ISO/AS Resource Library
Customization of Standard AutoForm Templates
CORE Community Forum
CORE Learning Center
Custom Report Writing (by request)
One-on-one/group Training (by request)
User Management as Needed
Design/Implementation of Custom AutoForm TemplatesExtra Fee $$Discounted $Discounted $
Consulting Support
Annual Internal Audit
Support for Annual Registrar Audit
Response/Assistance with Registrar Findings
Consultant Help Desk (phone/e-mail)
Virtual Attendance of Management Review Meeting (up to 4x)
Continual Improvement Coaching from Consultant
Management Representative Professional Development Training (up to 4x)

Core Business Solutions houses all resources necessary for you to maintain and improve your QMS inside the CORE ISO Compliance platform. The platform provides the ISO/AS QMS System, the CORE Learning Center, the CORE Resource Library and:

Preconfigured system based on the ISO/AS Quality Management System.

Document control features to include revision control, review and approvals, document archival, periodic review, and shared authorship.

System administration features for groups, users, document classes, and notifications.

Access to pre-designed AutoForms and Report Writer for each AutoForm.

Reports and tools to manage users and documents.

CORE Administration training.

Membership to online CORE Community

For more information contact us at 877-354-0300 or email info@thecoresolution.com

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