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Core Business Solutions specializes in helping small businesses achieve and maintain compliance with ISO 9001 and many other related standards and management systems.

The CORE Compliance Platform provides everything you need to make implementing and maintaining compliance easier.

  • During implementation, you work with your dedicated consultant and implementation team to create all the documentation necessary for compliance including your quality manual, process documents, procedures, etc. The CORE Platform houses resource materials, robust training programs, and a project plan interface including dashboards so you can easily monitor your project progress.
  • Once you have achieved certification, it is your choice whether you want to continue using CORE to maintain your certification but over 80% of our customers find it makes their lives so much easier, and they decide to continue using CORE for many years to improve their business.

View CORE features and benefits and a brief product demo.

The Features and Benefits of CORE

This video provides information on the features and benefits of the CORE Compliance Platform in addition to a brief product demonstration.

If you’d like a more detailed product demonstration, please call 866.354.0300.

A Quick Summary


The CORE Compliance Platform is unique online software designed to help small businesses manage the documents, records and processes needed to maintain ISO compliance, cybersecurity compliance and certification. ISO requirements can be overwhelming at times. We understand. That’s why the CORE Compliance Platform was developed as an easy-to-use application to keep your certification on track and your business running smoothly.

  • Online software for managing ISO and cybersecurity compliance
  • Intuitive interface your employees will quickly learn
  • Flexible to be customized for your unique business
  • Web-based, hosted securely in our technology center
  • Subscription based service that is affordable for small business
  • CORE provides Compliance: CORE will keep you prepared for upcoming audits.
  • CORE provides Credibility: CORE provides a practical system to improve your business and continually meet your customers’ expectations.
  • CORE provides Confidence: CORE will give you peace of mind and give you greater confidence that your business is operating to your standards.

System Requirements


Because CORE is a cloud-based hosted solution, there are only a few system requirements for end-user computers.

  • The web Browsers Chrome and Firefox are fully compatible with the CORE Compliant Platform. If other Browsers are used, be aware that some features in CORE may not be compatible.
  • Recommended Processor: 2.0GHz+
  • Recommended Memory (RAM): 2GB+
  • Recommended High Speed Internet Connection: DSL, Cable Modem, T1

We support the following Standards and more...


If you would like any additional information about our ISO certification consulting programs, or would like a quote for any of these options, please give us a call or send a quick email. We’re also glad to answer any ISO questions you may have.


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