ISO and Cybersecurity Webinars

Want to learn about topics like ISO 9001 and cybersecurity for small business? Join a future webinar or view one of our previous webinars to learn more about the best practices and industry standards small businesses can follow to achieve success. Our experts come together to give you the best and most relevant information regarding quality, cybersecurity and specific topics such as ISO 9001, CMMC, and everything in between.

Upcoming Webinars

CMMC With No IT Staff

Thursday, October 19th at 2pm EST


One thing is very apparent with CMMC, it is very technical and will require a high degree of technical skill to do it properly.  But, many small businesses don’t have a dedicated IT staff, or their IT team has no hands-on experience with meeting technical standards.  How can a business with limited or no IT staff achieve CMMC certification?

In this session, our team will explain the technical resources and skills needed to prepare for a CMMC certification. 

Join this informative session as we discuss the “IT skills-gap” common to so many small businesses.

CMMC Assessments – What to Expect

Thursday, November 16th at 2pm EST


To become CMMC Level 2 certified, you’ll need to pass a CMMC assessment by a 3rd-party assessment company called a C3PAO.  CMMC assessments are highly detailed and require demonstrable evidence that you meet each of the NIST SP 800-171 controls.  In order to be certified, all 320 control objectives must be met.

In this session we’ll be pulling back the curtain on a CMMC assessment.  Join us as we peek into the details of a CMMC assessment to help you be well-prepared.

Recorded Webcasts

In addition to our live streams, we have a library of previous webinars to help you build a solid foundation of cybersecurity knowledge. Watch them for free right here.

CMMC Level 1 Explained

Description:  CMMC Level 1 will be required by the majority of companies in the defense industrial base (DIB). For companies needing higher CMMC Levels (2 or 3), Level 1 is the place to start.

FCI + CUI: What is it and How to Protect it

Description:  CMMC was developed in order to protect certain information and data related to DoD programs and contracts. The CMMC certification Level (1, 2, or 3) required is determined by what type of defense-related information your company handles. It is vital that you understand the information to be controlled and protected and, also what steps you must take to meet CMMC requirements.

CMMC 2.0 Update

Description:  In 2021, the DoD announced changes to the CMMC program as “CMMC 2.0”. In 2023, the government plans to begin rolling out the requirement for formal CMMC certification through new contractual requirements. Soon, CMMC certification will be a requirement for all defense-related contracts.

Conducting a CMMC Self-Assessment

Description: To avoid wasting time and money as you prepare for CMMC certification, it is important to understand your starting point.  A self-assessment is a great tool that can reveal your organization’s strengths and gaps that need to be closed.

The challenges with a self-assessment are to have a good understanding of what is required and how well your systems and operational practices match up.  We’ll be walking through a self-assessment together in this session.

Join us for this hands-on session to help you get started on your self-assessment.

How to Prepare a CMMC System Security Plan

Description: One of the central documents needed for CMMC certification is your System Security Plan (SSP). This detailed document spells out how each of the 110 requirements of NIST SP 800-171 (the foundational CMMC standard) are being met by your organization. Your SSP will be one of the first things a CMMC assessor will review for certification and it needs to be done right.

This webinar will explain how to build a comprehensive SSP that addresses all of the requirements for CMMC Certification. 

We’ll be looking inside this foundational CMMC document that can make or break your assessment. 

The Heavy Lift of CMMC: Documentation

Description: To successfully pass a CMMC assessment, you’ll not only need to have the right technologies and follow the right processes, but you’ll have to show your compliance through documentation. The CMMC assessors have been trained that “if it’s not documented, it doesn’t exist.” Proper documentation will be one of the major focuses during your CMMC assessment.

In addition to a System Security Plan (SSP), you’ll also need to have policies, diagrams and numerous evidence artifacts to show during your assessment. In this webinar, we’ll lay out a plan to properly document your CMMC program.

Join us as we look through the various documents that need to be put in place to successfully pass a CMMC assessment.

How to Keep CMMC Affordable

Description: For most small businesses, CMMC can become a significant cost in time and money. While it might be considered a cost of doing business with the DoD or prime defense contractors, the ROI can quickly dwindle unless the most affordable options are investigated. This includes various technology alternatives as well as the most efficient processes.

In this webinar, we discuss the costs associated with CMMC certification and where the biggest savings can be found.

Everything you need on one cloud-based platform

Core Business Solutions specializes in helping small businesses achieve and maintain compliance with ISO and cybersecurity standards.

The CORE Compliance Platform provides everything you need to make implementing and maintaining compliance easier.

Whether you conduct your own management system implementation or use our expert consultants to help, you can use CORE to create all the documentation necessary for compliance. The CORE Platform houses resource materials, robust training programs, and a project plan interface including dashboards to easily monitor your implementation.

Visit the CORE Compliance Platform page to learn more or to order the software.