ISO 14001:2015 – Certification for the Environment

An Environmental Management System

ISO 14001 provides requirements for environmental management systems (EMS). The intent of a formal environmental management system is to minimize your company’s negative impact on the environment and accentuate the positive environmental impact through EMS controls and continual improvement. While many companies pursue ISO 14001:2015 certification as a stand-alone certification to demonstrate a more eco-friendly approach to business, some companies will seek ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 certification together with a combined Integrated Management System. We offer both. You can download our information sheet to learn more.

Core Business Solutions offers consulting assistance to get you to ISO 14001:2015 compliance or certification. Some companies don’t need to be “certified” to the standard but just demonstrate “compliance”. You can market your commitment to proactively caring for the environmental as a point of differentiation for your business.

The purpose of the ISO 14001:2015 standard is to help companies in any industry protect the environment, prevent pollution and improve their environmental performance. The approach to continual improvement is similar to other standards such as ISO 9001, but its focus is on environmental aspects and impacts of the business.


ISO 14001 Five Key Focus Areas

There are five key focus areas in the ISO 14001:2015 standard:

  • Environmental Policy
  • Implementation and Operation
  • Checking and Corrective Action
  • Management Review
  • Continual Improvement

Implementation of a formal environmental management system can enhance a company’s bottom line with better efficiency and demonstration of a more economically-friendly business approach to new and existing customers. In some industries, ISO 14001 is a qualification requirement for certain RFPs and other business opportunities.

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Consulting Support for ISO 14001

Core Business Solutions has qualified ISO 14001 consultants ready to help you achieve certification. Support for the ISO 14001 standard is available through all of our Online and Onsite Consulting Programs. We also provide consulting support for companies seeking multiple certifications (such as ISO 9001 and ISO 45001) through an Integrated Management System.

Our consultants translate the technical language of the standard into Plain English and make it as simple and effective for your organization as possible. Implemented properly, ISO 14001 gives you a continual return on your investment.

For more information about ISO certification for the 14001 standard, please call our consulting office at 866-354-0300, or email

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  • See ISO 9001 for quality management systems
  • See ISO 45001 for health and safety management systems
  • See R2 for responsible recycling for electronics

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