Customer Testimonials

We have helped literally hundreds of small businesses like yours become ISO certified at an affordable cost. As a matter of fact, we truly feel Core Business Solutions has the very best options available in the country. But that is a bit less than objective, right? So, we decided to “pull back the curtain” and let others tell you what they think about working with our team.

Cannot stress enough how truly satisfied we are with the services of Core Business Solutions as we highly recommend their services to anyone interested in pursuing a Quality Program that truly works for both the external customer and for the internal customer. Great staff who are knowledgeable, friendly and committed…a true pleasure to work with!

James Evans, Securitas Canada Limited

Core Business Solutions has helped our company accomplish our goal of becoming ISO 9000 certified. Their knowledge and expertise truly made the entire experience wonderful.

Ashley Morrell, Bosshardt Property Management

With no prior experience with ISO 9001 the 4X4 consulting program educated and guided us to a full understanding and an efficient QMS. Our audit was very successful and we couldn’t be happier with our Core Business Solutions experience. Thank you!

Brittany Daemer, InfusionPoints, LLC

Beginning from ground zero and having no idea where to begin, our consultant came into our office and literally walked us through the process that at times seemed overwhelming. He brought a dedication to learn our business and translate what we done into the ISO 9001-2008 standard.

Mike White, STS Consulting Services

Core Business Solutions delivered my company a quality service that exceeded our expectations. We are very pleased with the overall experience.

Philip Sage, STS Consulting Services

In August our registrar conducted a 2 day audit of Thread Check Inc. There were no major or minor non conformities found during the audit. This is the 4th year in row with zero nonconformities. This is a testament to our organization’s commitment to customer satisfaction, employee empowerment and continuous improvement. I would like to thank your company for helping us to establish a strong quality management system and helping us to achieve ISO 9001 2008: certification. The CORE ISO Compliance Platform we have been using has made maintaining and controlling our ISO 9001 documents easy and trouble free.

Bart Kipnes, Thread Check Inc. Precision Gage Solutions

Core Business Solutions provided our company with more than everything we could have needed. Their consulting made the registration process much smoother than we wouldv’e ever imagined and left us with a very stable QMS on which to build.

Jeff Rogers, Nittany Paper Mills, Inc. Lewistown PA

The Core Business Solutions team provided SeaView with the guidance and step by step support we needed to take our company from a group of individuals doing their own thing to a cohesive team worthy of the ISO 9001 certification.

Matthew Cook, SeaView Systems, Inc. Dexter MI

Core Business Solutions exceeded our exceptions and we look forward to using them again in the future. Thank you!

Nathan Massey, Rave Gears, Seguin TX

We would never have made it to ISO 9001:2008 Certification without the help and support we received from Core Business Solutions. We would definitely recommend their services to anyone looking for ISO Certification.

Laurie Cameron, RanRoy Printing Co. San Diego CA

Everyone at Core Business Solutions deserves the highest praise possible. They were all there when we needed them, extremely helpful and never seemed put out or put upon with our numerous calls and questions. We worked so closely with Blake and Teresa that they seem like family to us. With our drive to learn the system and their help, we were through our Stage 1 Audit with no Corrective Actions and summarily through our State 2 Audit with no Corrective Actions and recommendation for Certification in record time

Lois Daniells, TFW Industrial Supply & CNC Machine, LLC Godley TX

After sitting through the ISO audit, there is simply no way we would have become ISO 9001:2008 certified without your coaching and guidance. Thanks again for all of your support these past few months.

Steve Garten, The Stowe Group, Wakefield MA

Core Business Solutions was exactly what we needed as a small business to prepare for our ISO 9001:2008 certification. Our mentor understood the standard and how it applied to us in a way that allowed us to be successful!

Elise Miller, Regency Mint/Quality Silver Bullion, Orem UT

Core Business Solutions is a quality operation that knows ISO – they worked with us to meet a very tight 16 week certification timeframe.

Stephen Deitz, Zimmerman Associates, Inc. Fairfax VA

Taking an organization through the ISO readiness cycle can be a daunting task with many folks fearful of the process especially on a 16 week schedule. The Core Business Solutions tool set and professional help made our certification for ISO 9001 a success. The auditors liked our documentation set and DocBase Direct. Thank you!

Henry Morgan, Sheldon Manufacturing, Inc, Cornelius OR

The level of support and response we received during our process towards ISO registration was excellent.

Phil Fearnehough,A.B. Controls & Technology, Inc,Humble TX

Without Core Business Solutions I don’t think I could have completed this by myself. They were there for me every step of the way. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your program is well organized and makes the process easy to follow. With the end result begin SUCCESS!!

Glenda Gibbons, Emergency Vehicle Restoration, London Ontario

Great understanding of the needs of a small business seeking certification as a services provider. Incredibly helpful staff made what can be a tedious process easy to understand and successfully implement.

Chris Cummings, SpecTIR LLC, Fairfax VA

Core Business Solutions will provide you with the necessary tools and guidance to achieve ISO certification effortlessly.

Marie Mills, Lone Star Interpreters, LLC,Houston TX

9000World provides a great cradle to grave service of professionals who work with your company to obtain ISO certification. Best consultants I have ever worked with.

Ray Reid, VectorCSP,Elizabeth NC

Core Business Solutions has proven to be a very cost and time effective means for AeroCal in achieving our ISO 9001-2008 Certification. Our personal consultant was very knowledgeable and responsive in every aspect of the process and the 4×4 Certification Kit made the process easy to understand and had every possible form and more that we needed to get us certified.

Tim Waldron, AeroCal, Dunn Loring VA

Core Business Solutions provides a top quality product and coaching service for those who are looking for guidance and support to achieve ISO 9001 certification. I would recommend their services to both service-based and industrial-based businesses and any business size from small to large. Core Business Solutions is the answer!

Shenda Moore, Craytek, Inc, Arlington VA

Core Business Solutions makes certification attainable with reasonable recourses and without interruption of business. Great program and people.

Alan Ramsey, Embassy Powdered Metals, Inc, Emporium PA

Core Business Solutions understood our service offering, business objectives and helped structure our Quality Management System with that in regard.

David Devroy, Hydro Power Services, Chattano TN

Core Business Solutions is a must for a small business whose employees perform many jobs. The 4 x 4 Consulting Program was a perfect fit for our 15 employee company. We were not rushed and we did become certified in a timely manner. Our certification would not have been possible without Core Business Solutions.

Jennifer Chinchilla, Gesco, Inc, Beaver Falls PA

Core Business Solutions provided the platform we needed to receive our ISO certification in six months. They really made the whole process simple with a step by step guide, in depth training, and personnel support and really helped to add value to our company.

Melissa Cramspie, BioSamPle Solutions, Bethlehem PA

Core Business Solutions provided an easy to use, concise set of tools for control of documentation and automatic generation of reports. Additionally, impressive technical support and general guidance relative to ISO requirements turned what was initially perceived to be a daunting effort into an achievable task.

David C. Greb, Pittsfield Plastics Engineering, Pittsfield MA

Core Business Solutions provided us the expertise to make getting ISO certification a clear and straightforward process.

Delia Davila, McElroy Translation, Austin TX

The requirements to achieve the ISO 9001:2008 Certification are complex and difficult to meet. Core Business Solutions made the process understandable and work diligently to help us along the way. Working with them was absolutely money and time well spent. I would do it again…except sooner.

Dr. Ned S. Reese, Washington Consulting Group, Bethesda MD

A key customer of ours requested we get ISO certified and we have netted a very large new project from them as a result. Core Business Solutions nailed it; from DocBase Direct to Webinars and everything in between; it was a simplified understanding of the ISO process and how to implement it. My experience was Excellent beyond expectations from start to finish.

Peggy Russell, Performance Seals, Inc, Houston TX

It’s very likely that if not for Core Business Solution our ISO certification would not have been achieved in a timely nor cost effective manner.

Peter Fultz, Kenco Plastics, Inc, Poteau OK

Don’t even think about going through this process alone! Core Business Solutions can provide all the tools, documentation, and training resources you need to get your company where it needs to be to become ISO certified as quickly as possible at a reasonable price!

Frank Rocchino, Gow-Mac Instruments, Bethlehem PA

Core Business Solutions provided expert guidance and support which enabled us to implement the most cost effective processes and procedures, resulting in our certification in minimum time with absolutely no deficiences noted during our audit. I would recommend them to any business seeking to implement ISO certification.

Don Watkins, Open System Sciences, Newington VA

Core Business Solutions is a competent consulting company and the people there know the world of ISO very well. We could not have obtained the certification without their help.

Alex Bhatt, American Scientific & Industrial Supplies, St. Davids PA

The 4×4 Online Consulting program for ISO 9001 was very effective in helping us to achieve ISO 9001 certification in a short period of time. The structured program along with step-by-step guidance, training and personal coaching made the entire process a pleasant experience.

Willie E. Lee, King Technologies, Inc, Trenton TN

We were already certified but our system was difficult to handle and was never set up properly. We were provided with a program aimed at our needs and it was a success

Frances Coates, Aerobiology Research Laboratories, Nepean ON (Canada)

I was able to take our company from square one, knowing nothing about ISO to certification with the help of both your certification kit and your personal one to one assistance. Your help with our internal audit was invaluable. Thanks!

Francine Fineman, Critical Mass Avionics, Lawrenceville NJ

Core Business Solutions gets an A+ Grade for Exceeding and Meeting expectations to a successful ISO Certification for IBEX! The Staff at Core Solutions were always quick in responding to our questions and very effective in communicating all ISO processes and procedures! Scott and Teresa are very professional and make an Awesome TEAM! We HIGHLY Recommend them!

Lester Chavez, International Business Express, Inc, Washington DC

Core Business Solutions did an outstanding job! Their templates were easy to use and their consultant was very knowledgeable…

John Higgins, Bluegrass Supply Chain Services, Bowling Green KY

I would definitely recommend the full service package to anybody who is thinking of ISO certification. The value of having someone who has “been there” before far exceeds the cost.

Robert Sorg, Gautier Specialty Metals, Johnstown PA

Core Business Solution’s guidance system is very well organized and designed, making it easy for a small company like ours to achieve ISO 9001 certification. We achieved this goal in only 3 months and couldn’t have done it without your attention to detail and support.

Scott Rediker, TrimGen Corp, Sparks MD

Our overall experience was above and beyond what our expectations were as we started the journey. 9000World seem to go above and beyond our expectations after the 4 month 4 X 4 program. The support that we received after the 4 months was very good.

Steve Christophersen, Hegel Holdings, LLC/Minarik Drives, South Bend IL

Sr. Consultant Blake Russell was extremely helpful during the entire process in preparing for our audit, even after the audit! The material included in the kit was very useful, and technical support was always quick to help out with Docbase if I had a question!

Megan Moyers, APS Plastics, Tomball TX