CMMI Version 3.0 Update Coming in Early 2024

By Scott Dawson
December 13, 2023

CMMI Version 3.0 Update Coming in Early 2024

A new version of CMMI has been announced. Version 3.0 is set to come out in early 2024. Version 3.0 promises to bring some significant process improvements and changes to earlier versions. Some changes include an updated model architecture and new Practice Areas. Read on to learn more about the differences and benefits of implementing CMMI Version 3.0.

What is CMMI?

For service providers, the CMMI appraisal is essential for anyone who wants to do business with large international companies. CMMI (Capability Maturity Model Integration) is a proven set of global best practices that address key capabilities and everyday business challenges. This standard deals with various topics: quality, engineering, business planning, resilience, workforce management, and more. CMMI helps you understand your capability in the context of your own objectives and industry best practices.

CMMI certification is an appraisal of an organization or business based on the maturity level of its processes. There are five different maturity levels:

• Initial
• Managed
• Defined
• Quantitatively managed
• or Optimized

The most common levels are Maturity Level 2 (Managed) or Maturity Level 3 (Defined).

CMMI Consultant

CMMI Releases Version 3

CMMI Version 3 is beneficial for businesses that want to optimize their operations. Several process improvements have been added. CMMI updated the model architecture, reducing the time and resources required to make updates. Version 3 also includes New Practice Areas (PA), which cover safety, security, data management, staff development, and virtual delivery.

Understanding CMMI Version 3 and Fundamental Changes

Version 3 features a few significant changes that improve upon the previous version. They are as follows:

• Maturity Level 2 is now defined as all Practice Areas at Capability Level 2; this is a major change in philosophy.
• Also, you will notice that Supplier Agreement Management has two additional practices for supplier selection (from a previous model version).
• The new PAs (which are described below)
• All the other Practice Areas in the Development and Services model remain unchanged, except for minor wording updates.


Version 3 New Practice Areas

The new Practice Areas are as follows:

  • Data Management (DM)
  • Data Quality (DQ)
  • Enabling Safety (ESAF)
  • Enabling Security (ESEC)
  • Enabling Virtual Work (EVW)
  • Managing Security Threats & Vulnerabilities (MST)
  • Workforce Empowerment (WE)
CMMI Audit Consultant

The Benefits of Adopting CMMI Version 3

CMMI Version 3 can transform your organization, drive excellence, and achieve business objectives. It will allow your businesses to enhance process efficiency, improve product quality, and reduce costs. Improved efficiency and quality can increase customer satisfaction, strengthen market competitiveness, and sustain growth.

How to Implement Version 3 in Your Business

Despite the improvements, you may be hesitant to implement the new version of CMMI in your organization. We understand. Change can be daunting and confusing. But it’s worth it to ask for guidance from an expert consultant. They can help ensure successful implementation aligning with your organizational objectives.

Selecting the Right CMMI Consultant

Core Business Solutions provides Maturity Level 2 and Level 3 consulting services to help companies prepare for their appraisal. An experienced Consultancy, like Core Business Solutions, can help guide you through the CMMI Version 3 implementation process. We can help your organization reach its full potential.

Questions about how to best prepare for your appraisal? Download our guide or whitepaper, or contact us for more information.

How Core Can Help

At Core Business Solutions, we understand the needs and priorities of small businesses. We’ve been there. Our expert consultants bring hands-on experience to the table. We’ve also seen how CMMI can drive lasting improvement in your company.

Our proven process combines expert consulting, web-based tools, and online training to help you achieve success. A designated consultant will walk alongside you through every step of preparation for your CMMI appraisal.

You don’t need to face the CMMI appraisal process alone. Let us handle the stress of appraisal so you can focus on your business. When you work with CMMI experts who know small businesses, you can get the most out of your appraisal.

Talk to a consultant today. Give us a call at 866.354.0300 or contact us for a free quote.

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