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With CORE’s platform, training and consultants we were able to succeed in a short time and gain a level of understanding and structure we otherwise would never have been able to accomplish.

Anne Mills on BirdEye

The certification process was easy and painless. Suzanne Weber-Smatko did an excellent job of preparing us for the audits and we were certified with no findings.

-Elizabeth Meighan on BirdEye

C&C International was indeed very pleased with the Core training we’ve recently received. Suzanne Weber-Smartko and Norman Verbeck provided very good support and direction. We are very much satisfied with CORE.

Bill James on Google

The Core Solutions team was excellent to work with and made the ISO preparation tolerable. I highly recommend the services of the Core Solutions.

-Paul Amalfitano on BirdEye

Thanks to the CORE team and especially Bruce Newman for a great experience achieving our company’s first ISO certification.

-Flip Crummer on Facebook

ISO 14001 Certification – Simple, Affordable, and Fast

Core Business Solutions specializes in helping small businesses achieve ISO 14001 and other ISO certifications.

Our unique approach combines cloud-based technology with expert consulting. We give you the tools you need for certification and we provide hands-on help through the whole process.

With our easy-to-use platform and our expert ISO 14001 consultants, you’ll have everything you need to make ISO 14001 simple, affordable, and fast.

ISO 14001 is an Environmental Management System (EMS) standard. It exists to minimize your company’s negative environmental impact while increasing positive impact. This standard exists to minimize your company’s negative environmental impact while increasing positive impact. Download our free ISO 14001 pdf guide.

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What’s Required?

ISO 14001 requires a compliant Environmental Management System (EMS), proof that it’s working, and an external audit by a third-party registrar. Sound overwhelming? That’s why we’re here to help.

How Much Time?

The average ISO certification takes 4 months, but we’ve seen companies certified in as quickly as 30 days.

What Does It Cost?

It costs between $5,700 and $15,000 to prepare and between $3,000 and $5,000 to certify, depending on company size and how much prep time you choose to take.


As we help you learn the basics of ISO 14001:2015, your consultant will guide you through preparing your required documentation and documented processes.​


As you implement ISO 14001, your consultant will work with your team to set goals, conduct management reviews, review results, and drive the actions needed for improvement.​


An ISO 14001 internal audit will be conducted to ensure your preparedness for the registrar audit. Together, we will review process corrections and make sure you have all the necessary documentation for compliance.​


Finally, Core Business Solutions will help you secure a registrar, or Certification Body, to perform your final external audit. Upon completion, we will help you correct any findings (if applicable). Then you will receive your ISO 14001:2015 certificate!​

What is ISO 14001?

ISO 14001 is an international standard that provides a framework for environmental management systems. This standard focuses on reducing negative impacts on the environment by helping organizations manage their environmental aspects and improve their environmental performance.

The standard outlines a set of requirements that an organization must meet to be certified, including:

Environmental Policy – The organization must have an environmental policy that outlines its commitment to environmental management.

Planning – The organization must identify and manage its environmental aspects and set environmental objectives and targets.

Implementation – The organization must implement processes to achieve its environmental objectives and targets.

Monitoring and Evaluation – The organization must monitor and evaluate its environmental performance and implement corrective actions where necessary.

Continuous Improvement – The organization must continuously improve its environmental performance. 


What is ISO 14001 Certification?

ISO 14001 Certification is a third-party certification that confirms an organization’s compliance with the ISO 14001 standards. The certification is awarded by an accredited certification body, which conducts an independent assessment of the organization’s EMS.

ISO 14001 Certification Specialist

The certification process involves a series of audits, which are conducted to evaluate the organization’s environmental management system. The audits are designed to assess the organization’s compliance with the ISO 14001 standard, as well as its effectiveness in managing its environmental impacts.

The certification process typically involves three stages:

Stage 1 Audit

This is a preliminary audit that assesses the organization’s readiness for certification. The auditor will review the organization’s EMS documentation, policies, and procedures, and identify any gaps or areas for improvement.

Stage 2 Audit

This is a more in-depth audit that evaluates the effectiveness of the organization’s EMS in practice. The auditor will conduct interviews with staff, review records, and assess the organization’s environmental performance.

Certification Decision

Based on the findings of the Stage 2 audit, the certification body will make a certification decision. If the organization meets the requirements of the ISO 14001 standard, it will be awarded certification.


What Type of Companies Get ISO 14001 Certification?

Any type of company, regardless of its size, sector, or industry, can seek ISO 14001 Certification to demonstrate its commitment to environmental management and sustainability. 

ISO 14001 Certification Consultant with Client

ISO 14001 is a widely recognized international standard that provides a framework for environmental management systems (EMS) and applies to a wide range of organizations, including manufacturing, services, construction, and governmental organizations.

Companies that typically seek ISO 14001 Certification include:

Manufacturing Companies – Manufacturing companies often have significant environmental impacts related to energy use, water consumption, and waste generation. Implementing an EMS in compliance with the ISO 14001 standard can help these companies manage their environmental impacts and improve their environmental performance.

Construction Companies – Construction companies often face environmental challenges, including managing waste and controlling pollution. ISO 14001 Certification can help construction companies manage their environmental impacts, meet regulatory requirements, and improve their reputation.

Service Companies – Service companies, such as banks, insurance companies, and hotels, also have environmental impacts, including energy consumption and waste generation. Implementing an EMS in compliance with the ISO 14001 standard can help these companies manage their environmental impacts and demonstrate their commitment to sustainability.

Governmental Organizations – Governmental organizations at all levels, including local, state, and federal agencies, also seek ISO 14001 Certification to improve their environmental performance, meet regulatory requirements, and demonstrate their commitment to sustainability.

What are the Benefits of ISO 14001 Certification?

Regardless of the type of company, ISO 14001 Certification can provide a range of benefits, including:

Improved Environmental Performance – ISO 14001 Certification helps companies identify and manage their environmental impacts, leading to improved environmental performance.

Competitive Advantage – ISO 14001 Certification can provide a competitive advantage by demonstrating a company’s commitment to environmental management and sustainability.

Cost Savings – By managing their environmental impacts, companies can reduce waste, energy consumption, and other costs associated with environmental management.

Regulatory Compliance – ISO 14001 Certification can help companies comply with environmental regulations and demonstrate due diligence.

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Many small businesses need quick certification to hit deadlines for proposal submittal, government contracts, and other urgent needs. We pride ourselves on our ability to meet your goals.


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At Core, we don’t just apply this process to ISO 14001. We also serve companies seeking certification in other related standards. We can also combine standards into an Integrated Management System to save you time and money:

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